Classic 60s & 70s Rock Music with Flavor and Spice.

Celebrate the roots of rock music with The Psychodeliacs, a five-piece band spreading their love of classic rock throughout the Virginia, District of Columbia, and Maryland music scenes!

Since 2005, The Psychodeliacs have paid tribute to the music of many fabulous bands in rock's history. They perform at clubs, festivals, private parties and charity events, serving up an eclectic mix of guitar-driven classic hits spanning the mid-1960s through the 70s. This dynamic range of music includes Santana, The Allman Brothers, Janis Joplin, James Brown, ZZ Top, Eric Clapton, Joe Walsh and Jimi Hendrix to The Beatles and other great British-invasion acts like The Who, Yardbirds, Rolling Stones, Free, and Pink Floyd, and then right-on back to the California and west coast sounds of artists like The Jefferson Airplane, Spirit, Neil Young, and CCR.

A tasty blend of rock and roll spices for your musical delight. 

The Psychodeliacs goal is to keep classic rock music alive and listened to in this millennium.

Please contact us for performing at your next party, anniversary, outdoor festival, 50th and 60th B'day parties, and other events where our brand of rock and roll will satisfy your musical soul. We LOVE playing music.